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:: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 ::

Clarification on My Use of Terms:

One thing I will not compromise on is my use of the term 'traditionalist' in the fashion whereby I use it. For I believe in being honest and there is no way any concession to these kinds of people is possible with regards to the use of the term 'Traditionalist' can be had. The reason is because they are no more Traditionalist in any way, shape, matter, or form then the ancient Pharisees who "clean the outside of the cup and the dish but within are full of robbery and uncleanliness and who are "like whited sepulchures, which outwardly appear to me beautiful but within are full of dead men's bones and uncleanliness" (Matt xxiii., 25-27; Luke xi,.,39-44; cf. Mark xii., 38-40). Nonetheless, as I added a Disclaimer to my treatise when the work was revised in December of 2000, I will quote from that same Disclaimer in the form it will read with the upcoming version of the work. (This way my usage of this term is not misunderstood.)

[Y]ou will see the use of terms such as 'traditionalist' and 'traditionalism' used oftentimes. As these terms and others like them have been so badly abused by many groups, I wish to quantify my use of them and their derivatives...I am in using the terms 'traditionalist' or 'traditionalism' going to usually preface them with qualifiers such as 'self-styled' or 'so-called' to indicate that I am referring to those who fraudulently apply these terms to themselves. In other situations I will simply refer to 'traditionalists' or some derivative in that manner and when I do that the same principle applies. Any and all attempts to refer to people or organizations who appropriate that term for themselves but who can do so honestly will be referred to either as 'Traditionalists' (note the capitalization) or as 'Tridentine Catholics'.

When I refer to 'traditionalists' I am most assuredly NOT speaking of any society or organization that has received the approval of the Roman Pontiff to offer the Old Roman Rite of Mass (aka Tridentine) and receive the sacraments in the norms which they were prevalent from approximately the fifteenth century until 1975. My reference is to those groups which claim to be ‘independent chapels’ or possess 'independent priests’ and who in schism from the Apostolic See offer the Tridentine Mass illicitly and administer most of the sacraments illicitly (and some of them invalidly). These groups are not in communion with the Catholic Church although many of them lie and claim that they are to deceive the laity. Individually those properly referred to as self-styled 'traditionalists' would be those whom it could be reasonably deduced were formally adherent to these kinds of groups. (Judged based on their actions, attitudes, and of course their words.)...

[A]uthentic Traditionalism does not depend on what rite of Mass you attend, what devotional prayers you use, what theological positions you espouse, or what disciplines you follow. Authentic 'Traditionalism' is much more integral then that and it applies to a frame of mind and a certain attitude. It is not and cannot be found in externals - even those which may have the hallowed sanction of time.

Hopefully this clarification is of assistance.

:: Shawn 2:02 PM [+] ::


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