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:: Sunday, January 26, 2003 ::

For those who read previous versions of the work I am about to refer to (either the one released on June 6, 2000 or the one from December 28, 2000), this is a more complete, extensively detailed, and theologically nuanced version than the previous two. (Particularly more so than the first version of the work.)

As I tire quickly of refuting the same points over and over with individuals who either (i) have not read my work or (ii) have exhibited no interest in educating themselves from reputable sources, I will from this point forward consider this version of A Prescription Against 'Traditionalism' to be practically a "pre-requisite" of sorts for people who want to discuss the subject of "traditionalism" with me in any reasonable detail. (All of my other "traditionalist" writings to some extent extend and/or amplify certain subjects covered in the treatise linked to above.)

There was a previous problem with people seeking to critique the earlier versions who clearly had not bothered to read it very carefully - if at all - and therefore I have made this version of work very easy to print up and read.

This was done because the information in the work is frankly stuff that most people who claim to be 'traditionalists' do not know and yet they should know. However, there is another aspect to the equation that I might as well address here and it is this: I am afraid I no longer have the patience to reinvent the wheel with people on these topics. A classic example is the fellow I respond to here who had the temerity to insult me, call me a Gnostic, claim that I "hate" and "persecute" self-styled 'traditionalists', and then he dared to ask if I had "ever heard of Mediator Dei." Now if this clown had actually bothered to read any of my writings - particularly the ones on the liturgy, he would have seen copious references to Mediator Dei.

This is the sort of hysterical overreaction that is common to liberal Democrats - and it is not without reason that I have contemplated writing on the similarities between 'traditionalists' (falsely so-called) and liberal Democrats. But more than anything, that exchange was the final straw for my patience level with these kinds of "Know Nothings".

Such misinformed people who have the temerity to insult me and not bother to inform themselves about what I have written or said (and this has happened not a few times over the years) they are not worth me wasting my time on any longer. (As they are a manifest waste of bandwidth to continually deal with.) Such people are as useless to dialogue with as liberal Democrats who were so obtuse that they considered a decrease in proposed spending increases as a "budget cut".

I have no interest whatsoever in suffering fools. (Not that I have ever had much patience for these sorts of people but I have no patience for them any longer.) Besides, this is a good way to discern who is serious about discussing these subjects and who is not...

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