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:: Saturday, August 30, 2003 ::

On the Use of Labels:

Some have inquired as to my bringing up at times the fact that I transcend being easily "categorized." Indeed, by my own admission I am rather resolute about being put in a box of any kind. The reason of course should be self-evident: that he who controls the vernacular controls the parameters of the debate. Instead, I prefer to control the vernacular myself. And if I cannot control the vernacular myself, at the very least I will not let others do so either.

For when we get down to brass tacks, all forms of engineering - be it social, philosophical, theological, political, medical, scientific, legal, or otherwise is preceded by verbal engineering. This is why I refuse to cede to the extremists of any stripe their own choice of terminology. Instead, I refer to them as they are. In the case of the "progressives" and "traditionalists" (to give two examples of many which could be mentioned) the proper terms are as follows:

"self-styled 'progressives'"

"so-called 'progressives'"

"pseudo 'progressives'"

"self-styled 'traditionalists'"

"so-called 'traditionalists'"

"pseudo 'traditionalists'"

For when we let counterfeit philosophies or outlooks coin their own noble terminology, we provide them with a shibboleth of their own to mindlessly parrot and/or cloak themselves in to with greater ease confute the unwary. Control the language and eventually they will control the terms of the battle. And to see what genuine Progressivism is - along with genuine Traditionalism and genuine Conservatism - see the dissertation on the subject previously posted to this weblog. (Or for ease of location simply click HERE.)

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