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:: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 ::

A Key Principle For Rational Argumentation:

In the wake of the Rathergate scandal, there was a group of people who sought to argue along two lines to advance their agenda. The first was that the documents were not forged. When this line of argument did not work, they then tried to argue that "even if the documents were forged, that the allegations needed to be looked into." As this kind of argument has not gone away with Rathergate{1}, it seems appropriate to reiterate anew what should be obvious to anyone with a normal intact functioning brain and it is this:

--If the documents which make a particular allegation or assertion are false, then there is no logical reason whatsoever to continue any entertaining of what said documents contain. Period.

Any divergence from this principle only succeeds in muddying the waters of discourse and detracting from viable discussion matter and thus must (out of a proper sense of logical consistency) be avoided at all costs. Having noted this in brief, there is no logical reason whatsoever to continue with this subject of discussion.


{1} A similar line of argumentation was used with a recent so-called "memo" which pertained to the Terri Schiavo case; ergo the reason why this subject is being covered again at the present time. (As was done earlier with an audiopost on Rathergate at Rerum Novarum circa September 20, 2004.)

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